The taste of Swedish summer

Swedish nature isn’t just beautiful to behold – it also boasts many wonderful flavours. These tastes come to life during Sweden’s long summer days, resulting in an explosion of edible flora, both in the countryside and in Swedish cities. And even if a typical Swedish summer is on the shorter side, you can still enjoy these tastes throughout the year. All it takes are some traditional food preserving methods that have stood the test of time. Join us on a digital tasting journey through a Swedish summer, and discover the places that dish up summer all year round!

Although many might associate Swedish cuisine with our meatball dish, there really isn’t anything more Swedish than food preserving. Refining raw ingredients and extending their shelf-life is in the Swedish DNA. In times gone by, food preserving methods were a way to survive long winters – today, these techniques are used for flavouring and environmental reasons.

Here, star chef Elvira Lindqvist and food chemist and ‘taste pioneer’ Lena Engelmark Embertsén have preserved some of Sweden’s delicious tastes of summer. Two of the country’s foremost culinary experts, they have used traditional curing techniques such as salting, pickling, drying, freezing and fermenting to create innovative flavour combinations. The Taste of Swedish Summer may be a digital tasting experience, but you can also enjoy preserved summer foods in most restaurants, shops and food markets the next time you visit Sweden.

A unique digital tasting journey

Lena Engelmark Embertsén and Elvira Lindqvist use everything from dandelions and stinging nettles growing on every patch of grass, to raw ingredients you might not even know are edible. By preserving and combining produce in creative ways, they have created a unique, digital tasting journey that showcases Swedish culinary innovation at its best!

Läs hela repotaget med Lena Engelmark Embertsén och Elvira Lindqvist på Visit Swedens webbsida.